We design your successful kitchen

The success of a restaurant business is the sum of a mix of many factors that, properly balanced and integrated, lead to a positive business result.

What are the elements to work on?

Among the main ones are the location of the restaurant, its notoriety, communication, décor, exclusivity or popularity, service, the competence of the waiters and kitchen staff, the menu, the quality of the dishes and the wine selection. These and many other mutually consistent characteristics convey emotions to the guest seeking a rewarding experience.



In this scenario the Nice kitchen can offer the best technologies to create a complete and integrated kitchen to ensure excellent performance.

Coldline, Modular, Nevo, Tuls, LinearBi and Merryday have gained experience and developed products and software capable of optimising production flows.

The kitchen, in fact, is a micro cosmos within the restaurant business that requires specific skills to be designed correctly. Every choice must consider the needs of the business combined with modern production techniques.

Let us dwell on these two aspects.

Space, menu, cooking and serving methods determine the choice of equipment.

A restaurant producing leavened goods may benefit from the use of proving cabinets, rather than one or more 20 tray ovens and trolley blast chillers if it is a baking centre. Baking and washing areas are defined on the basis of the production organisation, while the storage cabinets for pastries are different from those for ice cream storage and must be chosen with detailed knowledge of the characteristics of the food to be stored.



Aesthetic and dimensional consistency is the value shared by all the Nice kitchen group's equipment.

A very important aspect that allows preparation and storage areas of equal height and depth to be created by choosing from a wide range of solutions.

Modern production techniques, cook&chill and the support of increasingly advanced software are the second aspect to consider when designing a kitchen. Constantly evolving elements that can make the difference between a traditional kitchen that is in danger of being outdated and a modern kitchen ready to face the new challenges of efficiency and organisation.

The Nice kitchen's strength is to play a leading role in every factor determining the creation of a successful kitchen. From equipment to software to chef consulting.

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The design service offered to the best Business Partners is the precious synthesis of the experience gained by ColdlineModularNevo and Tuls to which we add the freshness and dynamism of the start-ups LinearBi and Merryday that allow us to know the new frontiers of catering such as food delivery.

TNK designers are in constant dialogue with the group's R&D departments and production managers so that customer needs can be fully met, while corporate chefs analyse production flows and work planning. The synergy of each corporate component allows the development of complete and coordinated projects.

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We design your successful kitchen

The success of a restaurant business is the sum of a mix of many factors that, properly balanced and...

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