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Fun professional kitchens



Flexible cooking zones


Infinite combinations allow for installations to meet your needs,

even in small rooms, enhancing the space with a compact

and high-performance cooking area.



Choose the solution

that best suits your needs



Fun 600
Simplicity for maximum functionality

Fun 600 units are an excellent choice for small
kitchens, seasonal venues and food trucks.
The compact modules, with a depth of 600 mm,
built-in or resting on existing surfaces,
allow you to use all your space.



Fun 650
Small spaces with great performance

With the Fun 650 models you can create your ideal
kitchen by concentrating everything you want
in a single area, without any apparent limitation.



Fun 700
Professional and compact cooking elements

Fun 700 is the ideal solution to create the best
kitchens in environments with limited spaces.
The compact models offer excellent performance
and allow you to develop complete professional
cooking zones.