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Fun 650



Your kitchen in small spaces

with great performance


Fun 650: a wide range of Modular cooking appliances.

Infinite combinations allow for installations to meet your needs, even in small

rooms, enhancing the space with a compact and high-performance cooking area.

With the Fun 700 and Fun 650 models you can create your ideal kitchen by

concentrating everything you want in a single area, without any limitation.




Fun 650. Modularity

Choose the solution that best suits your needs.

Top cooking element
on cabinet with door

Top elements can be combined
with bases of equal size

Base with doors width 70 cm

Models with oven

Gas range with 4 burners:
model 70 cm

Gas or electric ventilated oven

More top elements
on an open cabinet

Gas range with 4 burners: model 70 cm
and neutral element: model 40 cm

Open cabinet: model 110 cm

Top elements resting on a
refrigerated table or plain surface

Induction plate, neutral element
and electric fryer: model 40 cm

Refrigerated table or support base




Fun 650. Characteristics





Handles are made of a sturdy heat-resistant polymer with brushed aluminum finish


The cooking elements are available in module widths
40, 70, 80, and 110 cm


Knobs are made from a sturdy heat-resistant polymer blend and are equipped with liquid
anti-leakage washer


The elegant and ergonomic line is practical and designed to ensure that cleaning is easy