The evolution is complete

The beginning of 2023 for Modular was full of novelties and changes: exciting projects took shape to offer new opportunities to business partners, planners and catering entrepreneurs.

We've told you almost everything, now we're also revealing the latest secrets and giving you a hint of what's innovative we're preparing.

We are now specialized

In order to be increasingly focused and able to meet the needs of our partners, we created the new brands Nevo for the production of ovens and Tuls which deals with the creation of stainless steel modules for the professional kitchen. Each brand, which benefits from the experience gained by Modular in over 40 years of activity, has begun a path of specialization with its own research and development, prototyping and production teams.



The Nice kitchen was born

With ColdlineNevoTulsLinearBi and Merryday we founded a new group in the food equipment sector. The sharing of software and hardware, the connectivity of technologies, dimensional and aesthetic compatibility make the Nice kitchen the ideal solution for creating kitchens and laboratories.

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New products

The new Fun 600, 650, 700 and Roc 700, 900 and 1100 ranges have replaced the previous models. The modern design, the family feeling with the group's products and the expansion of the proposition, offer specific solutions for each restaurant business.




► Discover Roc kitchens

► Discover Fun kitchens



Process optimization

The new ERP, the renewed data organization and the improvement of business processes have made our company even more solid and created the basis to build the next evolutionary steps. Ease of access to information allows us to respond promptly and with increasing precision.

Increase of the production capacity

The layout of the production sites has been renewed to achieve greater efficiency in sheet metal processing and improve assembly operations. The result is a progressive increase in production capacity which will continue in the coming weeks.

Happy with the obtained results, we are already working on the innovations that will fulfil the Nice kitchen's mission.


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The evolution is complete

The beginning of 2023 for Modular was full of novelties and changes: exciting projects took shape to...

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