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Griddles. Characteristics



Inclined to facilitate the flow of liquids, with smooth, ridged or smooth-ribbed surface


All countries – MOCA certified
Made of chrome-plated iron with
mirror-polished or satin-finished surface. Equipped with a thermostat for temperature control


Extra-EU countries
Made of satin mild steel



Gas models
Heating regulator with safety tap
equipped with thermocouple

or valve

Chromed models equipped with safety thermostat

Electric models

Armored heating elements, temperature regulation

with safety thermostat



Removable liquid collection container, dishwasher safe

Upright splash guard (optional)

Plate with 3 finishes

The entire griddles range is available with 3 plate finishes:
chrome with a mirror-polished surface, satin chrome, or satin mild steel.

Polished chrome

Plate made of mirror-polished chrome. MOCA-certified product.

Satin chrome

Plate made of satin-finished chrome. MOCA-certified product.

Mild steel

Plate made of satin-finished mild steel. Produced for non-EU markets.

Roc 900. Gas griddles

Roc 900. Electric griddles