new feature vacuum cooking | emotion professional ovens

6 June 2018

new feature vacuum cooking | emotion professional ovens

Vacuum cooking | Professional Emotion ovens


Cooking at low temperatures (vacuum method) is becoming increasingly popular among chefs all over the world. A trend we wanted to test our Emotion oven with.

Thanks to our Corporate Chef Giovanni, who is dedicated to the daily improvement of our ovens, an expanded version of the Emotion recipe book is now available with new vacuum cooking recipes.

Why you should use the vacuum cooking method

This is one of those rare occasions when being trendy certainly means being efficient.

A professional vacuum cooking method guarantees many advantages since it is:

  • particularly healthy because it allows to maintain all the organoleptic features of the food, such as softness and nutritive properties but also color, for an always amazing mis-en-place
  • suitable for many types of food, from several cuts of meat (photogallery) to almost all types of vegetables, as well as to fish, crustaceans, molluscs, fruit and many sauces
  • time-saving because it maximizes your preparation time in the kitchen and allows a longer food storage (no oxygen in contact with food = no oxidation
  • totally compatible with Emotion ovens because it fully exploits their combi technology allowing to cook different kind of foods at the same tim
  • cost-effective, since it reduces energy consumption and maximizes the use of raw materials, both in terms of weight loss (the lowest possible among all cooking methods) and food cost

How to use vacuum cooking with Emotion ovens (with boiler)

In addition to the special bags and vacuum machine, we recommend the use of a single-point probe with neoprene adhesive and a GN 1/1 perforated stainless steel grid.

Select the desired vacuum cooking recipe from Modular Chef > Vacuum Cooking and let the oven work for you (with steam cooking, low ventilation).

To get the above mentioned recipes, contact us at

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