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Leader in the design and manufacturing of professional catering equipment: Horizontal cooking, ovens and washing.

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Modular means innovation and functionality. Special care for products engineering has steadily led us to high quality results in best hotel supplies and most demanding community catering. Turnkey service and custom-made projects that include horizontal cooking, ovens and professional washing. Modular has completed over the years its wide range of products with the production of stainless steel fabrication like preparation and refrigeration.

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From 1986 Modular studies, designs and manufacteres high level catering equipment for food service and hospitality industry. All products are made in order to satisfy every type of request, to ensure efficiency and safety in accordance with international regulations also favoring a low environmental impact. Quality, flexibility and innovation are features that distinguish us. With Modular emotion moves in professional kitchens.

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Modular focuses its efforts in innovation and industrialization of its products by promoting the combination of functionality and aesthetics. Modular focuses its efforts in innovation and industrialization of its products by promoting the combination of functionality and aesthetics. The Italian style of the products is perceptible in every detail. Reliability and safety are guaranteed and conform to the highest international quality standards. For us, innovation means also capture the changing needs of the industry and be always ready to satisfy our customers with solutions and technologies at the cutting edge in the field of professional catering.

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Modular wants to be an element of rupture with the past and become innovation, trying to create a new reference model. The ideal solution for a “turnkey” service in the world of cooking, refrigeration and preparation, dedicated to catering professionals.

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Modular focuses its production efforts with the aim of generating maximum efficiency and safety by meeting international quality standards. In order to meet the requirements of quality, safety and hygiene in the different target markets, Modular has achieved, successfully, the following certifications.
In particular, Modular Professional has achieved an important milestone: the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate.


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