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10 October 2018

multilevel cooking | emotion professional kitchens

Multilevel cooking is becoming increasingly popular between chefs around the world because it helps to manage different preparations at the same time, saving precious time for other activities in the kitchen; it is particularly used for events and banquets, or in big restaurants.

The main advantage is to cook at the same time foods that have different cooking, thanks to the oven that manages the cooking times by itself.
So, stop to the traditional tools like timers to organize the kitchen; from now the oven will do it!

Our Corporate Chef Giovanni has just held a demonstration on multilevel cooking in Sweden, in Stockholm, focused in particular on cooking Hamburger (which you can see in the photogallery). This is just one of the many preparations that our chef experiences every day in the company.


the advantages of multilevel cooking

Multilevel cooking means efficiency and progress, aligning with new tools and technologies to simplify life in the kitchen:

  • it is suitable for many types of preparation such as, for example, the vegetable quiche. In fact, it is possible to boil the vegetables with steam cooking by inserting carrots-onions-zucchini-cauliflower at the same time and letting the oven manage the cooking times by itself;
  • in our oven the 3 different functions (all-in + all-out + dynamic) help to manage autonomously the different cooking times, from the shortest to the longest; at the end of cooking, the oven will notify the operator, who will be able to conveniently churn the food at the same time;
  • it also allows energy savings, without waste;
  • it is a time-saving method because it optimizes the management of cooking times and life in the kitchen;
  • it is perfectly compatible with the vacuum cooking method (we already talked about it here).

how easy it is to use multilevel cooking

Thanks to the multilevel cooking, with the trays suitable for the food, you can get the same cooking result that we can have using equipment such as fryer, fry top, and more. For example, to cook the hamburgers you can use the grilling tray, with the micro-perforated one you can toast the bread, and it is also very easy to cook eggs.

So let’s start cooking!

To get the multilevel cooking recipes, please contact us at

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