11 June 2020


Acty is the remote assistance application for real-time support between Modular Service and the customer’s technical staff.

Easy identification of the causes of the fault to get faster the solution of the problem.

Tools to log in:

  • A smartphone or tablet with integrated camera

  • Internet connection

How to access the application:

  • Download the free app on your smartphone or tablet directly from the Play Store or App Store

  • Open the app and select the company with the keyword “Modular Service”

  • Now you can decide whether to call or chat with the modular technician

Functionality – in real time

  1. Live video with Modular technician who will support the operator in the rapid localization of the fault

  2. Immediate inspection of the equipment thanks to the instant view of the area avoiding technical misunderstandings

  3. Interactive instructions through drawing in still image mode: during assistance it is possible to fix a video frame to draw indications, arrows, signal shapes and text on the image

  4. Screen sharing: the specialist can share information or technical data on the operator’s screen

  5. Multilingual audio / video interface: Ability to give voice instructions translated into more than 60 different languages ​​instantly

  6. As an alternative to live video, it is possible to contact modular assistance through live chat with an immediate response from the technician

For further explanations contact Sandro Moretti:

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